Goodbye Effect Games!
The time has come to shut the doors on Effect Games, so we can move onto other projects. But we've preserved some of our old games and demos for you to play with:
We've also open sourced the entire Effect Games engine, as well as the web IDE. Effect Games, in it's entirety, has been moved to GitHub. It can be forked, or simply downloaded and installed on your own server. Installation instructions are included. Here is the link:
The source is MIT licensed, so you may use it in both personal and commercial projects. It includes the complete JavaScript game engine source, as well as the entire website back-end (written in Perl).
Deepest thanks to everyone who tried Effect Games and provided such awesome feedback. We hope everyone continues their efforts with the open source engine and tools. We honestly look forward to seeing some great games!
Just to be clear, this isn't goodbye. We just felt it was the right time to start working on our own games over at Follow us on Twitter (@goldcartridge) and stop by to see what we're working on!
- Min & Joe